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King Kanine On NakedCBD

King Kanine On NakedCBD


Call them puppies, doggos, fur-babies, or your best friend, we spend a surprising amount of time and money each year on our pets.  They’re members of our family, and we treat them with the same care.  That means relying on our veterinarians and expert advice to extend the quality of their lives just like we listen to our doctors and do independent medical research.

In recent years, most of you have realized the impact of natural medicine and CBD use.  That’s why you’re here, right?  Well that same benefit you get from CBD products can extend to your furry friend as well.

King Kanine brand CBDs for pets are sold right here on NakedCBD, and they do all the things you might hope for with your dog.  They can decrease nervous and aggressive behavior, aid digestion, stimulate appetite, reduce swelling due to arthritis or bowel issues, and relieve pain.

We’ve seen it work for rescue dogs who need to add weight to their emaciated frames as well as needing to lower the anxiety of stressful rescue situations.

Below is Sasha, an affectionate mixed-breed rescued from a fight ring in Colorado where she was used as bait.  She was nervous, cowering if anyone came near her, and she was 20lbs under weight.  The problem was, she was afraid even to approach her food bowl for fear of abusive behavior.

CBD use calmed her anxiety enough that she could be socialized, and strengthened her appetite so that in 10 weeks after adoption, she had gained weight.  At 15 weeks she had put on both fat and muscle and was no longer considered under weight.

CBD use helped Sasha thrive in her new home without the use of medication rife with side effects and risks to a dog who would have trouble being convinced to even take a pill.

Success stories like these make it all the more clear the good that CBD products can do for your pets.  If they can help a rescue that doesn’t trust anyone, imagine what they can do for your everyday pet problems.

Kink Kanine CBD products are specially tailored for your pet and their unique biology.  They eliminate nasty side effects of canine sedatives and behavioral medication, and they aren’t hard on your dog’s kidneys like traditional pain medications and anti-inflammatory pills.  They can be used alone or to supplement current medication being taken, and they could potentially help you lower the dose of prescriptions.

In short, they have all the benefits and effects that CBD products have on humans, helping lower dependence on prescription opiods, supplement mental health medication, and more.  Since pets also have similar problems with pharmaceutical side effects, it only makes sense that people have found a natural alternative.

CBDs have been tested on dogs, cats, and horses, showing positive results in all three species and the same lack of side effects shown in human beings.

Talk to your vet and see if King Kanine CBD supplements might be right for you and your dog.

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