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Cannabidiol Industry Poised For Growth

Cannabidiol Industry Poised For Growth

With more people taking health matters into their own hands and demanding more holistic and cost effective alternatives to drug based western medicine, cannabis doesn’t have the bad reputation it used to. CBDs offer an even less controversial alternative by removing the psychoactive THC and leaving a product that will provide all the medical benefits of medical cannabis.

As an industry, it’s positioned to take off like a rocket. CBDs don’t have the same legal restrictions as medical cannabis and can be bought online or over the counter in most states. Because pharmaceutical grade CBD products contain no THC, they don’t appear on drug tests, making them a popular pain and anxiety reliever, especially with young professionals.

In an article by, they put it succinctly,

“Why is CBD such a hot category right now? While some of it is tied to legality, a major reason is simple: science. Studies have indicated that CBD has a number of therapeutic benefits and that it serves as an antioxidant and neuroprotective. Given that it is associated with the growing $3.72 trillion wellness industry, it makes sense that CBD would stand to benefit from the rising tide.”

The evidence can be seen socially. Employers are expanding and adding wellness coverage that pays for alternative therapies like acupuncture and massage. Gyms are offering wellness coaches that consult on broad spectrum wellness applications beyond exercise.

With this increased focus on well being beyond the doctor’s office, the CBD industry is in the right place at the right time to grow. The broad benefits maximize the number of people who can benefit from the product.

From cancer treatment to mental health aid to addiction recovery, CBD has a host of proven benefits, and the positive clinical information is only growing as more money and resources are invested in proving what the rest of us already know and finding new frontiers, discovering what else CBD oil could help with.

Celebrity endorsement also plays a key roll in changing public attitudes.  For better or for worse, we emulate people we admire and when stars like Morgan Freeman and Patrick Stewart advocate for research and use, people are more likely to speak up and listen.  The cannabis industry as a whole has a reputation for being full of irresponsible stoners who just want an excuse to smoke weed, but from the standpoint of a cannabis product that doesn’t cause a high, the argument against the product evaporates into a thin cloud of speculation and superficial prejudice.

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