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CBD Solutions For Pets

CBD Solutions For Pets

Dogs around the United States are starting to get their daily dose of cannabis, but don’t worry: they’re not getting high.

As the legalization of cannabis becomes more prevalent in the US, the availability of CBD medications for different ailments is increasing along with it. You might not be able to think of a good reason for a dog to need cannabis in its diet, but there are a few compounds in it that might actually make your pup’s life a little bit easier.

To start with, though, let’s go over the difference between cannabis and CBD.

The primary difference between the two legally is the presence of THC. CBD oils don’t contain THC, which means the psychoactive properties of traditional cannabis are removed. Cannabis, however, can contain as much as 10 to 15% and up in THC, which makes it very intoxicating.

That makes CBD great for treating not only people, but pets as well, dogs and cats in particular.  This study of The Pharmakokinetics of Cannabidiol in Dogs gives more clinical information.

CBD oil has been proven to help with a number of health issues, including arthritis, impaired immune systems, aggression, digestive problems, and especially with stress in your furry friend.

CBDs may also be an alternative to conventional medication, but you should talk to your veterinarian before trying anything that could replace a critical medication and always start with low doses.

A great start is this NakedCBD CBD tincture, specially formulated for use with your pets.

CBD Oil Is Safe

It’s safe for humans and pets, reducing the side effects found in traditional medications and providing a natural way to help with appetite, stress, and pain.

When you first start giving your dog CBD oil, you should start with very low amounts, such as one drop per pound of body weight daily. Treat CBD like any other medication, even if you don’t see any therapeutic benefits right to start with, because you can build up to the point where their daily dose shows relief.

Try increasing the dosage every few days that you don’t notice a difference, until you do. If the reaction is positive, you can increase possibly a little more, but not much past that.

CBDs can be added to their food, also eliminating the difficulty giving pills to dogs and especially cats. Have you ever tried to give your cat a pill? You might as well wrestle a mountain lion.

Storing The CBD Medications

Whether you have your CBD in oil form in a bottle, capsules, or even some CBD dog treats, you should always keep it stored in a locked container that your pet nor children can access. Just as with any medication, it’s not something you want small hands or paws getting access to unintentionally.

All in all, CBD is a great supplement for dogs, cats, and other pets, especially those that have behavioral issues such as stress responses or impulse control, digestive or appetite issues, or joint pain from arthritis. Make sure you get your products from a reputable supplier like NakedCBD and you’ll be fine.

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